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<p><a href="mission.html"><strong>Cross-media Concepten, Communicatie &amp; Design</strong></a></p> <p><br /> <br /> 在市场竞争日趋激烈的今天,企业或产品形象的规划和整合尤为重要,的宗旨就是为客户创造价值,站在客户的角度为不同的企业、不同的产品量身定制一步到位的视觉识别解决方案,为提升企业形象和产品的认同度奠定基础,同时,我们的价值也在帮助企业创造价值的同时得到了提升。 <br /> 多年的设计实践告诉我们,好的设计不仅要自己认可,更要客户认可,市场认可。我们将一如继往地以高度地责任感和敬业精神对待每一件作品地每一个细节,坚决度决平庸之作流向市场,把最优秀地设计呈现给客户。</p> <p align="left" class="style77">&nbsp;</p> <p>在市场竞争日趋激烈的今天,企业或产品形象的规划和整合尤为重要,的宗旨就是为客户创造价值,站在客户的角度为不同的企业、不同的产品量身定制一步到位的视觉识别解决方案,为提升企业形象和产品的认同度奠定基础,同时,我们的价值也在帮助企业创造价值的同时得到了提升。 <br /> 多年的设计实践告诉我们,好的设计不仅要自己认可,更要客户认可,市场认可。我们将一如继往地以高度地责任感和敬业精神对待每一件作品地每一个细节,坚决度决平庸之作流向市场,把最优秀地设计呈现给客户。</p> <p> <br /> </p> <p>和绝大多数的广告公司不一样,自创立到现在, 的目标没有将来也不会动摇,因为“ 只为乐而燃,不为悲而放”。凭着这份专注, 已经为国内外数百家企业提供了有效的企业形象设计服务。主要设计业务:企业标志设计,产品商标设计,公司logo设计,品牌网站设计,营销广告设计等企业形象设计策划。</p> <p align="left" class="style77"></p> <p> <br /> </p> <p>和绝大多数的广告公司不一样,自创立到现在, 的目标没有将来也不会动摇,因为“ 只为乐而燃,不为悲而放”。凭着这份专注, 已经为国内外数百家企业提供了有效的企业形象设计服务。主要设计业务:企业标志设计,产品商标设计,公司logo设计,品牌网站设计,营销广告设计等企业形象设计策划。</p> <p>&nbsp;</p> <p>Best wishes</p> <p>2009 <strong>Arcen</strong>, gemeente <strong>Venlo</strong>, </p> <p><strong>The netherlands</strong> <strong>Die Niederlande</strong> <strong>Nederland</strong></p> </p>

Added Value, Visibly and Measurably


DESIGN-FACTORY and Rose-Marie Kaanen worked for various companies and institutions in different sectors. Both in the Netherlands and abroad. For our customers, we produce creative concepts and the projects resulting from them in the field of design, internal and external, corporate and marketing communication.

For Aventis, Paris, we created a European market survey within an international team of marketeers. For Kroon Blumen gmbh, Neuss and Krefeld, we provided the new house style for the new chain. For CSD, we developed a design grid and mood bars of a web store. Depending on the nature, description and size of an assignment, design-factory brings in different specialists. Below you will find a number of companies we work for or have worked for in the past few years. On the 'design' page, you can see a selection of the projects we have realised.
Innovative Ideas and Design, that is what we are Good at.


We designed for:

DSM - Niaga - Le groupe Carlin International, Paris - Style & Communication agency - Trend forecasting / Aventis (Rhône-Poulenc ) Organic Chemicals, Paris / AVC Eindhoven ( PHILIPS Eindhoven / VOLVO helmond / DAF Eindhoven /Symbion Bouw Valkenswaard/ Axxicon Vianen) Neways Electronics International Eindhoven/ Dejatech venlo/ HAVENS Maashees/ Brouwerij DE LEEUW Vessem/ Schoeller Arca Systems Venray/ Van Stekelenburg Verhagen Eindhoven/ Audiologisch Centrum Eindhoven/ Arends Culinair venlo/ AIM / SELL / Betty Hendrix Venlo/ De Breed & Partners Breda/ Bambini a Casa venlo / Apotheek Helmerhoek Enschede/ Kroon Blumen GmbH/ Neuss/ Germany / Stal Beijsens Eindhoven / Galerie Van Aerts Vessem/ Twin Spark Wijn Import Breda/ / South Africa Wine Exporters / Gemeente Vierlingsbeek / Best Communications Managemen (De Hoefslag) Best/ CSD / Mangement Centrum Arnhem,GER Benelux, Erutan..............